FigureRunning for Health

New European running movement spreads to USA

12 JUNE 2012, BOSTON
The FigureRunning team has been invited to present at Games for Health in Boston, USA and is a speaker at the 'Out & About III: Mobile Serious Games Day'. During the conference FigureRunning is enlarging its potential user group, not only by presenting it to games and health professionals, but also by launching the free Android version of the FigureRunning app.

Speaking at Games for Health and launching the Android app

The FigureRunning team has been invited to speak at the Games for Health Conference in Boston and we took this special occasion to launch the FigureRunning app for Android worldwide. You can now get it in Google Play and start running.

The crowd loved the FigureRunning virus, like game designer Bill Sabram

@billsabram "This @figurerunning presentation is full of so much joy, inspiration + fun, I can't stand it. It makes me want to run. And draw! #g4h12"

And like MIT Education Arcade

@EducationArcade "Figurerunning just might get us all of the couch #gfh12

We hope to welcome you all as a figurerunners soon! Send us your art at  

The android version of the FigureRunning app has the same functionalities as the iPhone version. You can draw while running, choose colors, erase mistakes and spread your art at different social media. 

Hugo Visser of Qbus has developed the app for the FigureRunning team and we are very happy with the result! Iwan Daniëls from Baba Anousch has made the style for FigureRunning.

You can now download the Android app for free at Google Play.

Of course we also have an app for iPhone - you can download the iPhone app here:

What is FigureRunning?
FigureRunning is a new sport that encourages you to get creative, go outside and discover new places while running and getting fit. The competition is not about your running speed or distance, it’s all about drawing. 

With the FigureRunning app you can track your running route and with different colors and an eraser you have the right tools create art pieces with your workout. Afterwards you can easily share your FigureRun on Facebook, Twitter or any social network and your friends can start guessing what you have ran. While guessing your friends motivate you to keep on drawing and stay fit! You can also save your drawing as a draft and create really large art pieces while you run. 

Check out the video's below or check out all the drawings at

About FigureRunning

 FigureRunning has been founded by Willempje Vrins, Jan Kroon and Leonieke Verhoog

FigureRunning is a community of runners who use the GPS function of mobile applications to create drawings with their run. To make running art more accessible we have launched our own FigureRunning apps for iPhone in August 2011 and Android in June 2012. Implementing special drawing features and game elements. Making running more fun.